Welcome to Liberty Memphis, Inc.: Providing Educational Support in the Greater Memphis Area.

Knowledge is Freedom. Education is a Way Out.

Liberty Memphis is a 501(c)3, providing free to low cost educational support to students and families residing in low-income communities. Students and families need individual support that surpasses the reach that school districts can effectively provide as a customized plan. And that’s where Liberty Memphis helps. Our organization uses research-based strategies to support partners and district schools in assisting its students and educating the whole child by directly addressing obstacles outside of the current standard for education application. We provide the Greater Memphis communities with high-quality in home support.

The Mission of Liberty Memphis Incorporated is

to provide educational opportunities that will attract, develop, and activate economic and social growth for children and families in lower-income communities. We want to connect community members with valuable resources and support for the cultivation and engagement in activities used to build and prosper the community.

Our Programs

Our programs and services are focused on our primary areas of impact that help students achieve their goals and strengthen their knowledge. With our breadth of offerings,  you can find the support your child needs.





A message from our CEO

Why Memphis?

For me, it was a divine calling. I'd spent 5 years giving the education profession my all.  The classroom wouldn't let me go. Through education focused on conscious growth, I found myself most fulfilled when I could turn a child's attitude from negative and down trodden to realizing that they are somebody that truly matters and that they could be problem solvers and innovators. I recognize that my purpose and task were to be difficult. But I find it only fair that I work hard to create more avenues for other to be afforded similar opportunities for success to those I experienced.

I love Memphis, Memphis is home. Memphis is The place to grow and improve communities and i look forward to building Liberty Memphis to heights that support families in cultivation social and economic growth in our city. Commit with me to fighting against the structures and institutions that keep poverty and inequality going by helping us support those students and families fighting for the space to succeed.


Board of Directors

Student & Parent Support - Liberty Memphis Inc

FAMILY EDUCATION SUPPORT PROGRAM (FESP) provides financially-disadvantaged students & families in Shelby County with access to educational opportunities, personal experiences and educational support services in order to foster academic excellence and awareness around educational rights, & procedures .

We believe in supporting the work already happening in our neighborhood schools. It's where the work first started.

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