Slavery’s Trail of Tears History Tour

Slavery’s Trail of Tears History Tour’s aim to support a process of self reflection through developing connections to the history that helped mold a culture. Liberty Memphis will engage its participants on a journey that explores Slavery's Trail of Tears.

We will start with the story of Isaac Franklin and John Armfield, among the first to apply modern business methods to slave trading. Their base in Alexandria will serve as our starting point. We will then travel to many other destinations such as Natchez, MS and Thibodaux, LA to depict path of markets endured by our ancestors. Having achieved great wealth through the selling of thousands of men, women, and children, Franklin and Armfield retired from the trade. Franklin invested his profits in plantations in Tennessee and Louisiana.

Armfield moved to Beersheba Springs, Tennessee, founded a resort, and became a benefactor of Sewanee: The University of the South. Both established themselves as socially prominent members of their local societies. Seeing that their very influences exist right here in Tennessee, our participants will reflect on the past in order to connect to the present and future. This very impactful journey is a great educational tool for the entire family.

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