Frequently Asked Questions

Are services free?

Services are income-based and while free most, Liberty Memphis also offers low cost service to those meeting need qualifications but not income qualifications. Students in grades 9-12 receive fee-based service.

Where do families meet-up with supporters?

Direct supporters will engage families in their home of FESSP participants. Home school services are offered at the home office located in Whitehaven-38116.

Who qualifies for services?

Learners age 3-18 may qualify for services, Parents interested in support to become better supports of their child academic and social growth, and educators seeking classroom consulting services.

Is there an enrollment fee?

The enrollment fee/annual registration fee for FESS Program is $50 and homeschooling service is $150.

Are there year-round learning sessions?

There are programs that offer opportunity for year long experiences. The FESS Program may be provided year round depending on the individual learner’s needs.

How long does each session last?

Each focus student receives 1-3 Hours of service per week.

Who qualifies for homeschool services?

Students K-8, regardless of academic level, can receive homeschool support services.

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