Family Educational Support
Service Program


In order to support a community, the first responsibility is to those that make up the culture within that community. On a deeper level, the children that will continue the legacies are molded by family cultures and develop cycles. Therefore, addressing the family, the first line of creating individual's assumptions of beliefs and values about right and wrong, good and bad, must be the initial target. These early influences create obstacles for adults that later determine that those behaviors and modes of thinking are contrary to the life they want to live or the person they want to become.

      Each at risk student receives 1-3 Hours of service per week. As the student develops skills to maintain academic and social success, hours are then converted to developing skills for parental success. Each sibling also receives support activities or recommendations based on the parents survey and identification of needs. Each child in the home receives a snack to support nutrition and energy for completing tasks. 

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Paid Parent Training Program

We strive to truly involve the community in the creation of a space for family engagement through relationships with parents in the Family Educational Support Service Program, particularly by tackling parental responsibility, involvement, and rights. In order to transform the larger society, we aim to establish new family norms. It's possible that many parents lack the abilities or information needed to do so. Because of this, we have created a Paid Parent Training Program to assist parents in gaining the knowledge and abilities necessary to be competent and successful parents. We work hard to offer parents exceptional tools for personal growth, with a focus on giving them the ability to support their kids' scholastic and social development in a way that is sensitive to their culture.

Parents must participate by using and practicing skills learned during the program as well as show commitment with regular school communication and participation in child related activities.

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